Flags of countries

Flag Of Canada

Capital city:Ottawa

Population:35,295,770 (2013)

Currency:canadian dollar (CAD)

Flag Of United Kingdom

Capital city:London

Population:63,705,000 (2012)

Currency:british pound (GBP)

Flag Of Japan

Capital city:Tokyo

Population:127,180,000 (2014)

Currency:japanese yen (JPY)

Flag Of The United States

Capital city:Washington, District of Columbia

Population:317,706,000 (2014)

Currency:united states dollar (USD)

Flag Of France

Capital city:Paris

Population:65,844,000 (2014)

Currency:euro (EUR)

Flag Of Germany

Capital city:Berlin

Population:80,619,000 (2013)

Currency:euro (EUR)

Flag Of Brazil

Capital city:Brasília

Population:201,032,714 (2013)

Currency:brazilian real (BRL)

Flag OF Italy

Capital city:Rome

Population:59,943,933 (2013)

Currency:euro (EUR)

Flag Of South Korea

Capital city:Seoul

Population:50,219,669 (2013)

Currency:south korean won (KRW)

Flag of Australia

Capital city:Canberra

Population:23,414,552 (2014)

Currency:australian dollar (AUD)

Flag of Austria

Capital city:Vienna

Population:8,504,850 (2014)

Currency:euro (EUR)

Flag of Belgium

Capital city:Brussels

Population:11,132,269 (2014)

Currency:euro (EUR)