The flag of the Bahamas

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The flag of the Bahamas
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The flag of the Bahamas
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The flag of the Bahamas

The national symbol of Bahamas consists of a black triangle situated at the hoist and three horizontal stripes: aquamarine, gold and aquamarine.

The history

In 1717 the country became British colony. Under the protectorate of the UK The Bahamas used the British blue ensign defaced by the emblem of the territory. It has been changed the several times: the field was blue till 1953. From 1953 till 1964 the field of the national symol was coloured red and remained unchanged till 1964. In 1964 the Bahamas was granted internal autonomy. In 1972 the country started negotiations on independence. Soon after that the need for the national flag became evident. A new flag was hoisted for the first time in 1973 10 July, it was a day when the country officially became independent.

The design

Colours used in thenational flag cultural, religious and political meaning. A gold stripe is a symbol of the rising sun : one of the most presious natural resourses of the country. Auquamarine depicts water surrounding the country. Finally black symbolises the strenth and force of the people ready to work hard to cultivate the national resources of the country.


Capital city:Nassau

Total area:13,878 km2

Formation:10. 7. 1973

Population:351,461 (2010)

Currency:bahamian dollar (BSD)

Code:BS (BHS)

Calling code:+1 242

By continents:North America,

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