The Flag Of Barbados

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The Flag Of Barbados
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The Flag Of Barbados
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The Flag Of Barbados

The official flag of Barbados was officially adopted on 30 november 1966. It was the first independenc day of the country.

Design of the flag

The flag consists of three horizontal bands: two bands of ultramarine and a gold one in the center. Ultramarine bamds symbolize the ocean the country is washed by. A golden stripe is a symbol of th sand. In the center there is an emblem of black trident. The emblem is often called a broken trident. The trident was taken from Barbados colonial badge. The broken lower part is the symbol of the country`s breaking its status as a colony. The trident has three points depicting three principles of democracy: governing by people, governing for the people, governing of the people. The author of this design is Grentley Precott, he became the winner of the national contest, his variant as chosen fron thousands variants.

Historical flags

Before the modern flag was adopted this terrotory had two variants. In 1870-1966 a colonial flag was used as an official symbol with a blue field and a Union Jack of Great Britan at the hoist. From 1958 till 1962 the country also used West indies flag also known as Seas and sand flag : a blue field with wavy white stripes and a golden sun in the center.


Capital city:Bridgetown

Total area:430 km2

Formation:30. 11. 1966

Population:285,000 (2013)

Currency:barbadian dollar (BBD)

Code:BB (BRB)

Calling code:+1 246

By continents:North America,

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