The flag of Benin

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The flag of Benin
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The flag of Benin
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The flag of Benin

The national flag of Benin consists of three stripes: horisontal yellow and red ones on the side and green on the hoist. It was adopted in 1959 to replace French tricolour. Before Republic of Benin eas established in 1975 it was a flag of Republic of Dahomey.

The history

When the country was under the Frech colonial rule France forbade Dahomey to have owm national symbols because authorities thought it may increase national sentiment. But in late 1950 s with the rise of decolonization movement the French authorities were obliged to granted the country limited autonomy to avoid calls for independence and struggle. In 1960 there was a revolution in the country and a new government associated itself with socialist ideals. A new flag was adopted: a green field with a five pointed red star in the corner. It remained the same until 1990 after that a pre-revolution flag was given back.

Meaning of the national colours

Colours used in the flag have political, economic and cultural meaning. Red symbolises blood shed by people ho fought for independence, green is a symbol of savanas situated in northen part of the country, O a continental level national colours had other meaning: african movement for independence.


Capital city:Porto-Novo

Total area:112,622 km2

Formation:1. 8. 1960

Population:10,323,000 (2013)

Currency:west african cfa franc (XOF)

Code:BJ (BEN)

Calling code:+229

By continents:Africa,

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