The Flag Of Botswana

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The Flag Of Botswana
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The Flag Of Botswana
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The Flag Of Botswana

The field of the national flag of Botswana is light blue hich is cut horizontally by a lack stripe with a thin black frame. It was adopted in 1966 and replaced the Union Jack that was a national flag before Botswana gained independence.


Since 1855 the contry as under the rule of Great Britain. It happened when people asked for British protection from boers invading the country. Since then till 1966 whe the country gained independence the country hadn`t its own destinctive flag. The Union Jack was used as a national symbol. In 1966 the country gained independence and got a new name Botswana before the state was called Bechuanaland and was a union of Bechuana people and people from Batswana. A new flag was hoisted for the first time in 1966 in midday 30 september.

The meaning of the national colours

Colours of the national flag of the country have political and cultural meaning. Light blue is a symbol of water especially from the rain. It is a very precious resource in this country because it is dependent on agriculture. Black stripe with white frame have two meanings. First it is a symbol of the harmony of people belonging to different races living in peace. The second meaning is the national animal of Botswana the zebra.


Capital city:Gaborone

Total area:581,730 km2

Formation:30. 9. 1966

Population:2,024,904 (2011)

Currency:botswana pula (BWP)

Code:BW (BWA)

Calling code:+267

By continents:Africa,

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