The Flag Of Burundi

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The Flag Of Burundi
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The Flag Of Burundi
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The Flag Of Burundi

The flag of Burundi has been in use since 1967 after the country became independent from Belgium in 1962. White saltire in the center divides the field into equal green and red colours. In the center of the saltire there is a white disk with three red six-pointed stars outlined in green.

Symbolism of the flag

The national symbol of Burundi is divided into four equal parts by a white saltire. Upper and lower ones are red, right and left bands are green. Green is a symbol of national hopes for rich and prospering future. Red. is the symbol of blood and national suffering during its fight for freedom. Three stars are symbols of three elements of the national motto of the country: “ Unity, work and progress”. Also it reperesents the citizens` loyalty to the God, King and country.

History of the national flag

When a monarch rulled the country a drum as imprinted o the flag because it as believed that the leaders of the country could hear the signal of the drum that was believed to have divine meaning. After the revolutin the drum was replaced by important plant for the agriculture and the final variant contained three stars.


Capital city:Bujumbura

Total area:27,834 km2

Formation:1. 7. 1962

Population:10,163,000 (2013)

Currency:burundian franc (BIF)

Code:BI (BDI)

Calling code:+257

By continents:Africa,

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