Flag Of Indonesia

Capital city:Jakarta

Population:249,866,000 (2013)

Currency:indonesian rupiah (IDR)

Flag Of Iran

Capital city:Tehran

Population:77,288,000 (2014)

Currency:iranian rial (IRR)

Flag Of Iraq

Capital city:Baghdad

Population:34,035,000 (2012)

Currency:iraqi dinar (IQD)

Flag Of Kuwait

Capital city:Kuwait City

Population:3,065,850 (2011)

Currency:kuwaiti dinar (KWD)

Flag Of Qatar

Capital city:Doha

Population:2,045,239 (2013)

Currency:qatari riyal (QAR)

Flag Of Saudi Arabia

Capital city:Riyadh

Population:29,994,272 (2013)

Currency:saudi riyal (SAR)

Flag Of United Arab Emirates

Capital city:Abu Dhabi

Population:8,264,070 (2010)

Currency:united arab emirates dirham (AED)

Flag Of Algeria

Capital city:Algiers

Population:38,700,000 (2014)

Currency:algerian dinar (DZD)

Flag Of Angola

Capital city:Luanda

Population:20,609,294 (2012)

Currency:angolan kwanza (AOA)

Flag Of Libya

Capital city:Tripoli

Population:6,202,000 (2013)

Currency:libyan dinar (LYD)

Flag Of Nigeria

Capital city:Abuja

Population:173,615,000 (2013)

Currency:nigerian naira (NGN)

Flag Of Venezuela

Capital city:Caracas

Population:28,946,101 (2011)

Currency:venezuelan bolívar (VEF)