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The flag of Alabama – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The flag consists of the two red diagonals crossing in the middle of a white field. The two diagonals form a crimson cross of St. Andrew known as a saltire. The design of the flag refers to the flag of the Confederate States of America. According to the law, the diagonal bars of the cross should be no less than 6 inches broad. There is no specification whether the flag should be square or rectangular.
There is also a salute to Alabama’s flag:
Flag of Alabama I salute thee.
To thee I pledge my allegiance,
my service, and my life.


The current flag of Alabama is a second official flag of the state flowing in its history. It was authorized in 1895 by Act 383 of the Alabama state legislature. In 1905 there was a proposal to add stars to the flag to make it look even more similar to the Confederate flag. However, the proposal was denied.


Capital city:Montgomery

Total area:135,767 km2

Formation:14. 12. 1819

Population:4,833,722 (2013)


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