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The flag of Alaska – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The flag of Alaska state shows the eight gold stars on a deep blue field. The stars include Polaris star (the North Star) in the upper right corner which represents the geographical location of the state (on the north-west of the USA) and the Big Dipper constellation placed on the left side of the flag symbolizing strength. The blue as a background stands for the sea, lakes, sky, and wildflowers of the state. The official state flower of Alaska is also colored in blue (which is forget-me-not).


The flag was designed by Benny Benson, who was a 13-year-old and was living in an orphanage in Seward, Alaska in 1927. The design of the flag won in the state competition over 142 other versions. The official flag of Alaska became a state flag only in 1959, as Alaska became a state in this year.








Capital city:Juneau

Total area:1,723,337 km2

Formation:3. 1. 1959

Population:735,132 (2013)


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