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The flag of Colorado – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


Colorado is a state of the USA situated in the West side of the country. The design of its flag is easy and recognizable. It consists of a red semicircle looking like the letter “C” with a yellow disc inside it. The white and blue stripes compose the background of the flag. The letter “C” refers to the name of the state, Colorado”. It also represents an official flower of the state which is columbine as well as the second name of the state, “Centennial State”.
The colors of the flag are the same as of a national US flag. They symbolize the natural wealth of the state: white is for snow on the top of Colorado’s mountains, gold is for the sunshine, red is for the soil, and blue represents the sky.


The flag of Colorado was designed by Andrew Carlisle Johnso. The design was approved in 1911. The current version of the flag design was authorized in 1964. Before 1911 Colorado had the national state flight flowing in it.


Capital city:Denver

Total area:269,602 km2

Formation:1. 8. 1876

Population:5,268,367 (2013)


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