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The flag of Delaware – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The flag consists of the state coat of arms made in a diamond form and a field of colonial blue as a background. The coat of arms, as well as the state seal, was adopted in 1777. The colors of the flag are similar to those of General George Washington’s uniform. As for the diamond form of the coat of arms, it represents the words of Thomas Jefferson who said Delaware was a “jewel” among the states due to its geopolitical location. Furthermore, the coat of arm has many symbols in it, including a ship, which represents the state has a huge shipbuilding industry, a militiaman, and a farmer, who represent the crucial role of the soldiers and importance of farm industry for the state. The wheat, corn, and ox represent the agriculture of Delaware. The coat of arms also includes the state motto, “Liberty and Independence” authorized in 1847. The date, “December 7, 1785” written above the seal represents the fact that Delaware was the first state which ratified the US constitution, thus, officially becoming the first state of the USA.


The flag of Delaware was officially adopted in 1913.




Capital city:Dover

Total area:6,446 km2

Formation:7. 12. 1787

Population:925,749 (2013)


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