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The flag of Idaho – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The flag consists of a state seal and a blue field as a background. The inscription, “State of Idaho” written in the gold letters is placed in a red and gold ribbon under the seal. The star on the seal symbolizes a new light that is joining the light of other stars in the galaxy. There is also the state motto of Idaho in the inner circle, “Esto perpetua” (“Let it be perpetual” or “It is forever”). The law also prescribes the fringe of gold that should appear around the edges of the flag. However, as the flag was not shown for a long time in the past, today this detail is used very rarely. The seal on the flag shows a miner and a woman. They symbolize justice, equality, and liberty. It also represents some wealth of Idaho, such as forests, farms, wildlife, and others.
The seal on the flag is more general than the Great Seal of Idaho. The Great Seal of the state was designed by Emma Edwards Green, the only woman designer of a seal in the USA.


The flag was adopted in 1907. Its shape is specified under the Idaho state law.


Capital city:Boise

Total area:216,443 km2

Formation:3. 7. 1890

Population:1,612,136 (2013)


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