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The flag of Illinois – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The state flag of Illinois consists of an image of a state seal and a white field as a background. The seal depicts a bald eagle with its wings open. Thus, the bird represents the United States. An eagle holds a red ribbon with the state motto, “State Sovereignty, National Union” written in it. There are also two dates presented on the seal, which are 1818 and 1868. These years symbolize entering the USA (1818) and creation (or redesigning) of a Great Seal (1868) of Illinois by Sharon Tyndale.


The flag was originally developed and designed by the organization “The Daughters of the American Revolution” (Rockford Chapter ) and Mrs. Ella Park Lawrence. It was officially authorized in 1915. The name of the state, “Illinois” and the sun with a lake were added to the flag during the war in Vietnam in 1969. These new elements were made in order to make the flag distinct from the flags of other states.





Capital city:Springfield

Total area:149,997 km2

Formation:3. 12. 1818

Population:12,882,135 (2013)


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