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The flag of Indiana – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The flag of Indiana state consists of a gold touch placed inside a circle of thirteen golden stars. The touch and the stars are placed on a deep blue background. Inside the circle of thirteen stars is also a semi-circle of five stars colored in golden. On the top of the touch a big golden star is placed. The inscription with the name of the state, “Indiana” is situated between the upper part of the circle and the biggest star. Overall there are nineteen stars on the flag, symbolizing Indiana was the 19th state to join the USA in 1816. The touch represents an enlightenment, liberty, and freedom. The rays between the stars mean the far-reaching impact of the touch.


The flag of Indiana was adopted in 1917 by the Indiana General Assembly. It was designed by Paul Hadley, the winner of a competition organized by “The Daughters of American Revolution”. No changes were made to the flag after its authorizing. However, in 1955 the resolution for specification the shape of the flag was passed.


Capital city:Indianapolis

Total area:94,327 km2

Formation:11. 12. 1816

Population:6,570,902 (2013)


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