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The flag of Iowa – the symbol of one of 50 US states


The flag consists of the three bars being placed vertically, colored in white, red and blue. The blue bar symbolizes loyalty, truth, and justice. The white bar stands for purity. Whereas the red stripe represents the courage and braveness. The flying eagle is situated in the middle of the flag with the winds open. In his beak is a blue ribbon with a state motto written in the white letters, “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain”. Below is the name of the state placed in the capital letters.


The flag was created with the help of the organization called “The Daughters of American Revolution”. Its members made some recommendations for Iowa’s banner. The War Council of Iowa after a while approved their suggestions. After some time, however, the design was disputed and some additional details were added. The flag was approved in 1929. The design was made by Dixie C. Gebhardt.


Capital city:Des Moines

Total area:145,746 km2

Formation:28. 12. 1846

Population:3,090,416 (2013)


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