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The flag of Kentucky – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.

Design and history

The state was considered one of the most active republics fighting the British troops during the war for independence. Thus, this fact was reflected on Kentucky’s flag.
The flag was adopted in 1918. It consists of a blue field and a seal. On the seal are two men embracing each other. They symbolize the inhabitants living in 1792 in the urban and rural areas of Kentucky. In addition, they represent the unity of East and West which is reflected also in a state motto, “United we stand, divided we fall”, The inscription in the blue letters is placed above and below the two men. Above the seal is another inscription, “Commonwealth of Kentucky” placed in the gold letters. Furthermore, there are the branches of goldenrod below the seal. The goldenrod is considered a state flower of Kentucky.
Before this flag, Kentucky had many others, as the state has a long history of being a part of France and Great Britain before entering the USA in 1792. The current flag of the sate was designed by Jesse Cox Burgess.


Capital city:Frankfort

Total area:104,656 km2

Formation:1. 6. 1792

Population:4,395,295 (2013)


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