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The flag of Maine – the symbol of one of 50 US states.


The state coat of arms on a blue field is depicted on the flag. The blue color of the flag of Maine is exactly the same as on the national US flag. The seal consists of a shield with the items of nature inside it, such as a pine tree, a moose, the sea, and the sky. The pine tree is an official state tree of Maine whereas the moose is an official state animal. The state is also known as “The Pine Tree State”. Above the shield is the North star depicted as a symbol of guidance for travelers. Below the star is an inscription, “Dirigo” (“I Lead,” or “I Direct”) which is also a motto of Maine. The two males are placed standing on both sides of the shield. One of them is a farmer, symbolizing the importance of agriculture for Maine. The second man is a sailor which represents that Maine is a sea state. Bellow the shield is an inscription with the name of the state inside a blue ribbon.


The flag of Maine was authorized in 1909.






Capital city:Augusta

Total area:91,634 km2

Formation:15. 3. 1820

Population:1,328,302 (2013)


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