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The flag of Montana – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


Montana’s flag consists of a deep blue field and a state seal. According to the law of Montana, it also must contain a “golden fringe along the upper and lower borders of the flag.”  The inscription,  “Montana” is placed above the seal in golden Roman letters. The seal depicts the nature of Montana’s territory, such as mountains, waterfalls, the Missouri River, trees, and shining sun to emphasize the beauty of the state. It also contains the symbol of state mines and farming, such as a shovel, and a plow. State motto, “Oro y Plata” (Engl. “gold and silver”) written in Spanish is placed inside a ribbon in the lower part of a seal. Some details were also specified in 1985.


The design of the flag was developed during the Spanish-American war by volunteers in 1898 to distinguish American troops from others. However, officially the flag of Montana was adopted only in 1905. The name of the state, “Montana” was added in 1981.






Capital city:Helena

Total area:380,832 km2

Formation:8. 11. 1889

Population:1,015,165 (2013)


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