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The flag of Nebraska – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


The field of the flag is blue. The state seal is depicted in the middle of the flag. The seal consists of a steamship on the Missouri River, a blacksmith holding a hammer and anvil, and the cabin with a wheat and corn. In the background, there is a train in the Rocky Mountains railroad. The inscription, “Equality Before the Law” is placed above the mountains. This phrase is an official motto of the state. The phrase, “Great Seal of the State of Nebraska” and the date, “March 1st, 1867,” surround the seal. March 1st, 1867 is the date when Nebraska became part of the USA. The seal and the flag of Nebraska are protected by the law and can be used only with special permission of the state’s authority.


Nebraska was one of the last states to adopt its flag. The bill to adopt the flag was passed in 1925. It initiated a process of developing the design of the flag. The flag was officially developed and authorized in 1963.






Capital city:Lincoln

Total area:200,330 km

Formation:1. 3. 1867

Population:1,868,516 (2013)


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