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The flag of Nevada – the symbol of one of the 50 US states


The flag has a blue field. In the upper right corner is a five-pointed star. Due to the silver is considered a state metal of Nevada, the star is depicted in silver color. The two sprays of sagebrush are depicted crossing below the star. The sagebrush is an official state flower of Nevada which is often called “The Sagebrush State.” Below the star the word, “Nevada” is written. A golden ribbon above the star is placed with the inscription, “Battle Born”. The letters of the inscription are black. This phrase signifies a historic fact that Nevada became a US state during the American civil war.


Nevada had three official flags before it adopted the current one in 1991. Its first flag was approved in 1905 after more than 40 years after it became part of the USA. The design of the current flag is similar to the design adopted in March 1926. Thus, sometimes today’s flag is considered as the revised version of the old one.







Capital city:Carson City

Total area:286,380 km2

Formation:31. 10. 1864

Population:2,790,136 (2013)


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