New Hampshire

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New Hampshire
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New Hampshire
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New Hampshire

The flag of New Hampshire – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


New Hampshire state flag consists of a blue field and a state seal in the middle. The seal is placed inside the circle made up of the laurel leaves and nine stars. Nine stars represent New Hampshire became the ninth state to join the USA in 1788. There is the frigate USS Raleigh and a rising sun in the seal. The frigate was built in 1776 was one of the most important warships during the Revolutionary war against the British Empire. The frigate on the seal is depicted near a granite boulder. Granite is an essential resource of the state, due to this New Hampshire often called “the Granite State.” The seal is surrounded by the inscription, “Seal of the State of New Hampshire”  and a date, “1776”.


The flag was adopted in 1909. Before this year New Hampshire had several regimental flags. The current flag has been changed in 1931 when some specific details to its elements were added.



Country:New Hampshire

Capital city:Concord

Total area:24,214 km2

Formation:21. 6. 1788

Population:1,323,459 (2013)


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