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New Jersey
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New Jersey
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New Jersey

The flag of New Jersey – the symbol of one of 50 US states.

Design and history

The colors of New Jersey flag were chosen for historical reasons by General George Washington for regiments of the New Jersey Continental Line in 1780. Both colors a dark blue and buff were Netherland’s insignia. New Jersey, as well as New York, were settled by Dutch. Today they are considered official colors of New Jersey and are presented on the state flag. In the middle of the flag, the New Jersey’s coat of arms is depicted. It consists of the three plows to symbolize New Jersey’s agriculture (due to its agriculture tradition the state is known as “the Garden State”), the shield, the helmet above the shield, standing for sovereignty. Above the helmet is also a crest with a head of a horse in the middle. The horse is presented on the flag due to the fact it is an official animal of the state. Furthermore, there are two figures of Liberty (the goddess of freedom) and Ceres (the goddess of agriculture) on both sides of the helmet. They are standing above the blue ribbon with the inscription, “Liberty and Prosperity” and the date “1776.”

The design of the flag was created at the end of the 18th century, however officially it was authorized only in 1896.




Country:New Jersey

Capital city:Trenton

Total area:22,592 km2

Formation:18. 12. 1787

Population:8,899,339 (2013)


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