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New Mexico
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New Mexico
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New Mexico

The flag of New Mexico – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.

Design and history

The flag of New Mexico has a lot to do with the history of these territories and the culture of Native American people. The colors of the flag are yellow and red,  and they are similar to those presented on the flag of old Spain. They were chosen to honor Spanish explores who were first Europeans discovered these territories in 1540. An image in the center of the flag represents the symbol of the sun. It refers to the traditions of the Zia tribe. The Zia Indians considered the sun as sacred. Thus, they created the symbol for it which is now depicted on the New Mexico’s flag. The lights of the sun on the flag are directed in four sides. Four is also a sacred number for Zia Indians, representing four sides of the world, four seasons, four periods of the day, four periods of person’s life, and four obligations of an individual, which are developing the body, clearing the mind and spirit, and respecting the welfare of others. The symbol of the Zia sun was discovered on an old jar at the Zia Pueblo.

The flag was authorized after its designer Dr. Harry Mera won a competition organized by the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1920.





Country:New Mexico

Capital city:Santa Fe

Total area:314,917 km2

Formation:6. 1. 1912

Population:2,085,287 (2013)


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