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New York
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New York
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New York

Flag of New-York – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


The field of New-York state flag is in a deep blue color. The state’s coat of arms is placed in the middle of the flag. It depicts a ship and a shallop on the Hudson River, symbolizing foreign and domestic trade. There is also a bank with green grass on it and the yellow sun rising on the background. Behind the image, the New-York’s motto, “Excelsior,” (Engl. “ever upward”) is placed in a white ribbon. On both sides of the image two figures representing the goddess Liberty and the goddess Justice stand. Liberty symbolizes freedom from a foreign power, whereas Justice represents that everyone receives equal treatment under the law. American Eagle depicted with its wings open above the globe on the top of the flag is a symbol for Western hemisphere.


However the New-York’s coat of arms was authorized in 1778, its flag was not approved until 1901. The current coat of arm of New-York is very similar to the Revolutionary War flag.



Country:New York

Capital city:Albany

Total area:141,297 km2

Formation:26. 7. 1788

Population:19,651,127 (2013)


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