North Carolina

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North Carolina
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North Carolina
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North Carolina

The flag of North Caroline – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


The flag of North Carolina state is made up of red and white bars and a blue field on the left side. A white star is in the middle of the blue field of the flag. Bellow and above the star the inscriptions, “April 12th 1776” and “May 20th 1775” are written respectively. The date May 20, 1775, refers to the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. The date April 21, 1776, replaced May 20th, 1861 and sends out to the Halifax Resolves, the paper that confirms North Carolina was among the most active territories standing for absolute independence from British authority. On the left side of the white star in the flag is a letter “N”, whereas on the right side is “C”.


The flag of North Carolina was established in 1885. After the adoption for many years it was unchanged. Only in 1991, the small changes were approved.

Nowadays the presence of date of April 12th, 1976 in the flag is questionable for many inhabitants of North Carolina.




Country:North Carolina

Capital city:Raleigh

Total area:139,391 km2

Formation:21. 11. 1789

Population:9,848,060 (2013)


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