North Dakota

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North Dakota
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North Dakota
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North Dakota

The flag of North Dakota – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.

Design and History

The flag of North Dakota is tightly bound with the history of the state. This territory became the 39th state to join the USA in 1889 after the Spanish-American War during which infantry regiments were represented there. The flag of regiments used during the combat operations consisted of a blue field, the Eagle which had an olive branch and arrows in his claws. This image meant to represent peace and liberty. On the bird’s breast thirteen red and white stripes were placed, symbolizing the first thirteen colonies of the Union. There were also the stripes in the beak of the bird on which the inscription in Latin was written, “E Pluribus Unum,” ( Engl. “Out of Many, One”), symbolizing the unity of the nation composed of many peoples. A yellow semicircle with the thirteen stars above the Eagle meant the birth of the nation. The official flag of North Dakota we know today was officially authorized in 1911. It is very similar with the previous one. The only distinction from the old flag is a red ribbon below the Eagle with the inscription, “North Dakota.”

In 1953 North Dakota Legislature denied the claims that the flag does not represent North Dakota due to its history and the possible changes were rejected.







Country:North Dakota

Capital city:Bismarck

Total area:183,107 km2

Formation:2. 11. 1889

Population:723,393 (2013)


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