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The flag of Pennsylvania – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


The flag of Pennsylvania represents the state coat of arms issued on the state seal. The coat of arms is an official emblem of the state together with the seal and the flag. On the ribbon placed on the base of the flag is the motto of the state, “Liberty, Virtue, Independence”.


The first version of the flag was authorized by the government of Pennsylvania in 1799, as it was one of the first state entering the USA. The flag’s design underwent some changes in 1907 after a law considering its color was passed. Thus, after 1907 the color of blue was specified. For now, it should be exactly the same as the blue color of the national flag of the USA.

In 2005 feather changes were going to be made. Thus, the House Bill 179 decided to add an inscription, “Pennsylvania”  to the bottom part of the flag. The inscription had to be written in golden letters. The Senate State Government Committee, however, had not considered. The new changes ware never made.





Capital city:Harrisburg

Total area:119,279 km2

Formation:12. 12. 1787

Population:12,773,801 (2013)


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