South Carolina

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South Carolina
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South Carolina
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South Carolina

The flag of South Carolina – the symbol of one of the 50 US states.


The flag designers tried to highlight the importance of the soldiers on Sullivan’s Island during the war with British troops.  The image of the palm and crescent shape symbolizes the South Carolina troops during the war for independence. The background of the flag represents the blue color of the uniform the South Carolina soldiers had during the war.

During the British bombardment, the wood of the palm tree helped the South Carolina soldiers to stay alive. After this event, the palmetto tree is known as the state tree of South Carolina. Due to this, it is represented on the official flag of the state. The same tree is known to be the symbol of Florida as well.

State law does not require the exact size of the symbols on the flag. As a result, the appearance of the flag may look different depending on the printing company.


The South Carolina flag was approved on January 28, 1861.




Country:South Carolina

Capital city:Columbia

Total area:82,931 km2

Formation:23. 5. 1788

Population:4,774,839 (2013)


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