Flag Of Netherlands

Capital city:Amsterdam

Population:16,842,200 (2014)

Currency:euro (EUR)

Flag Of Nepal

Capital city:Kathmandu

Population:26,494,504 (2011)

Currency:nepalese rupee (NPR)

Flag Of North Korea

Capital city:Pyongyang

Population:24,895,000 (2013)

Currency:north korean won (KPW)

Flag Of Namibia

Capital city:Windhoek

Population:2,113,077 (2011)

Currency:namibian dollar (NAD)

Flag Of Niger

Capital city:Niamey

Population:17,129,076 (2012)

Currency:west african cfa franc (XOF)

Flag Of Nigeria

Capital city:Abuja

Population:173,615,000 (2013)

Currency:nigerian naira (NGN)

Flag Of Nicaragua

Capital city:Managua

Population:6,071,045 (2012)

Currency:NI (NIC)

Flag Of Nauru

Capital city:Yaren District

Population:9,945 (2011)

Currency:australian dollar (AUD)

Flag Of New Zealand

Capital city:Wellington

Population:4,518,330 (2014)

Currency:new zealand dollar (NZD)

Flag Of Niue

Capital city:Alofi

Population:1,611 (2011)

Currency:new zealand dollar (NZD)